Nanowrimo! Wordcount and Summary!

And thus ends my first day of Nanowrimo. I’ve started on a fairly good note with some buffer for tomorrow, but I hope to keep up the output all month. I’ll be posting chapters here, perhaps not daily but as much as I can. Without further do, here’s the goods!

Title: The Gauntlet


In the world of Khyort, there are 14 different major forms of magic.

In a country of science and technology, one girl has been born gifted with Tenebrætry, the magic of shadows, and must travel to distant lands to learn how to use her gifts. Armed with every modern convenience she thinks she needs, and a few indulgences she doesn’t, she sets out to run The Gauntlet, the legendary test of admission into the elite magical organization Shardesse. The Gauntlet is a world-spanning, cross-country, live-or-die test of endurance, intelligence, knowledge, skill and cooperation. Success means learning secrets of magic never before revealed to anyone from her land. Failure means ignorance or death…

Tired of endless schools, a young noble seeks to prove herself by earning an honor none of her siblings have ever attained– the Chain of Colors, symbol of admission to the elite of Shardesse. She must endure walking on her own two feet, carrying her own luggage, meals of questionable origin, and a surprisingly persistent lady’s maid intent on bringing her back to school!

The last scion of a disgraced and fallen line of knights sets out to gamble his life with nohtng but his sword, his shield, and his family’s ancient magic armor. If he wins, he brings honor to his family’s name, a few contacts of proven merit, and the right to the resources of a powerful organization to help him rebuild his house. If he loses, he dies and his family is lost to ignominious obscurity.

A scholar seeking to join his family in the ranks of Shardesse braves the outside world for the first time. Can a lifetime’s study in magic help him survive, or is he going to  die a horrible death at the hands of a random thief on the first month and shamefully disgrace his family? But hey, no pressure.

Two girls, seeking to lose themselves among many, hand-in-hand in a forbidden relationship.

A barbarian princess, who made a bet with her court wizard because this Gauntlet thing couldn’t possibly be as hard as people make it out to be. If she wins, he shuts up about it. If she loses, she dies and never has to listen to him again. either way, win!

A Nereid, outcast from the sea for having the magic to bind souls, seeks to prove her purity. Can she survive in a place without water where there are more dangerous things than sharks… like the food?

Thieves and scholars, warriors and writers, princess and eldritch abominations, knights and rogues, each with a touch of magic. They all come together to test themselves against the Gauntlet. Against them is everything the world has to bar their way.

This is going to be fun.


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