New Original Fiction Project Underway

So after a long stint of procrastination, alleged planning, more procrastination, more alleged planning, some fanfic chapters that weren’t announced here (I should probably do something about that), as the title says, I have a new original fiction project underway, which I’m sure will be of great interest to the two people who’ll see it on this website.

Yeah, that’s probably more than the safe daily exposure to sarcasm.

Anyway, new project and all, very excited and will hopefully be able to keep excitement level higher than the ‘don’t feel like writing’ level, which is always a good sign. Last time I had this feeling was in the middle of German class and led to the creation of Green Lantern Nanoha.

I’m definitely still working on that, BTW.

Anyway, the tentative title is ‘The Party’. The premise is basically ‘Summon Everyman Hero + RPG Mechanics Universe‘–

Wait! Don’t go! I swear it’s not cheap Light Novel-generic as it sounds! Although, yes, admittedly I’ve been inundated by Gate and 1632 and Sword Art Online and Log Horizon and Only Sense Online and The Gamer and–

WAIT! Please, don’t go I swear I’m trying for something original! After all, it’s all in the execution, right? Right? I mean, Codex Alera is basically Roman Legions + Pokemon, and that worked out!

Anyway, please give The Party a chance.


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