Enter Freely, And Of Your Own Will…

Dracula said that, I think. I find it quite ironic. In the vampire literature at the time (where HAS the century gone?), an integral part of vampire lore was the concept of invitation. Specifically, a vampire could not enter a home without being invited inside. Hollywood has since, of course, removed this weakness, as it made for difficult slasher movies (how can the vampire kill you if all you need to do is stay inside and not let anyone in?) replacing it with the seemingly equally sucky power of ‘sparkling’, but it’s one that’s usually remembered by those who do their research (like, say, Jim Butcher or Joss Whedon).

Huh? Oh, right, the irony. Essentially, Dracula wasn’t inviting anyone in. He was telling them that if they could come in they may. The perfect greeting to test if one were a vampire. It implicitly gives invitation without explicitly doing so, thus providing an elegant way to weed out the undead from your visitors.

Thus, I extend to you the same invitation. Enter freely and of your own will. Not that I suspect any of you of being hordes of the undead, but you never know.

Have you entered? Yes? No problems getting in, I hope? Then, I welcome you to the Shadow Tower, a place for critical literary analysis of that most maligned and unacademic of literary forms, Fanfiction. Seriously, comic books get more respect than fanfiction, even though Fanfiction is older, and filled with such respectable examples as Arthurian Legend, Fairy Tales, Religious Apocrypha (at LEAST), mythology in every part of the world, and all known forms of oral tradition. Seriously, think about it.

I will be doing reviews, recommendations, critique and commentary on recent and bygone trends, the aforementioned analysis… and sometimes (okay, probably a lot of the time) fun, crack, lists and funny quotes. And probably pimp out my attempts at books too, but let’s not get into that.

So please, follow me (hopefully literally and figuratively) into the slightly twisted, often strange, ever-creative, and surprisingly intelligent and erudite world of fanfiction.

And remember… if they can’t go through the door without being invited, break out the crosses.